• November 7, 2023 12:18 pm

City Power Assumes Control of Load Shedding from Eskom

Nov 7, 2023
City Power Assumes Control of Load Shedding from Eskom

City Power is making significant changes to its load-shedding schedule, aimed at providing relief to customers. Here’s an overview of these changes.

City Power Assumes Control of Load Shedding from Eskom

Reduced Outage Durations:

City Power’s new schedule ensures that customers will experience only 2-hour power outages up to the implementation of stage 8 load shedding.

This adjustment is designed to minimize the disruption and inconvenience caused by extended outages.

City’s Decision-Making Authority:

The move empowers the city to determine which areas to load shed while adhering to Eskom’s megawatt requirements, enhancing the city’s flexibility in managing power supply during challenging periods.

Preparation and Network Optimization:

The CEO of City Power, Tshifularo Mashava, mentioned that extensive preparations and network reconfigurations have been conducted over the years to facilitate a seamless transition to the new schedule.

This included the gradual exclusion of most industrial and large business customers from load shedding.

Essential services, such as health facilities and water supply, were also exempted, with ongoing efforts to expand this category.

Collaboration with Eskom:

City Power’s interaction with Eskom has been characterized as positive and productive. Both entities are committed to maintaining the security and stability of the national grid while minimizing the impact of load shedding on customers.

Exemption Plans:

The new schedule aligns with plans to exempt businesses and essential services from load shedding, accelerating this initiative.

Coverage and Future Expansion:

The updated schedule will cover approximately 98% of City Power customers within the city, excluding only specific areas due to technical complexities.

Ongoing collaboration between Eskom and City Power aims to eventually incorporate these areas into City Power’s load-shedding schedule.

Areas Excluded:

The areas currently excluded from City Power’s schedule include Tshepisong, Lufhereng (Roodepoort), Hoagland, Maroeladal, Morningside, Riverclub, Dainfern, Bloubosrand, Kyasands, Bellairspark (Randburg), Halfway House, Halfway Gardens, Vorna Valley, Willowway (Midrand), and Marlboro.

The transit camp in Alexandra continues to be load shed by Eskom, and efforts are underway to bring these areas under City Power’s load-shedding schedule.

This initiative reflects a customer-centric approach to load shedding and efforts to enhance the efficiency and reliability of power supply while minimizing the impact on residents and businesses.

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