• November 9, 2023 6:40 am

City Power Faces Issues With Updated Load Shedding Schedule

Nov 9, 2023
City Power Faces Issues With Updated Load Shedding Schedule

City Power has faced challenges since taking over Eskom’s load shedding operations. The handover of these operations to City Power became effective on November 6, 2023, with the aim of limiting residents to two-hour blackouts at a time, even under the new schedule, even during Stage 5.

City Power Faces Issues With Updated Load Shedding Schedule

The new schedule, as implemented on Monday, is a significant improvement in reducing the impact of blackouts on Joburg’s customers and residents, according to City Power spokesperson Isaac Mangena.

This new schedule eliminates the four-hour continuous load shedding up to Stage 8, ensuring longer periods of electricity compared to the previous schedule.

It also allows for the exclusion of essential services, such as the example of Roodepoort, where Rand Water pumps and reservoirs in Robertville were affected by Eskom’s load shedding, impacting water supply to the western rand areas.

However, Mangena acknowledged that there have been some challenges. He stated, “We do recognize certain challenges related to some areas that experienced frequent load shedding in a short timeframe, with some blocks being subjected to load shedding twice within eight hours.

Our teams have been diligently working since Monday to address this issue, and we have determined that there is no crisis.

Unfortunately, this phenomenon will continue to occur in all 16 blocks in the coming weeks until a permanent solution is found.”

Mangena explained that each block will encounter this “phenomenon” at least four times a month, and in some instances, it may occur for two consecutive days, as seen with Blocks 11 and 12 on Monday and Tuesday, though Block 11 was not affected today.

This issue is specific to Stage 2, and it may change during higher stages due to increased demand.

Despite this temporary inconvenience, the positive aspect is that residents will enjoy more days of uninterrupted electricity in a month, with some weeks going for up to three consecutive days without load shedding.

City Power’s team is actively working on technical solutions to address this issue and ensure minimal or no impact on customers in the long run.

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