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Energy Advisory Service

Energy Advisory Service



Energy Advisory Service. Through our comprehensive approach to energy management, we provide strategic guidance on how to use electricity more efficiently in your business, whether industrial, commercial or agricultural. We are committed to supporting you. Providing guidance that best meets your business’s needs is our goal as we review your current energy strategy.

Energy Advisory Service

In addition to offering expert advice, Eskom Energy Advisory Service assists your business to remain sustainable and grow.

Is your business on the correct energy tariff?

Tariff audit analysis – a free service

Eskom’s energy advisors use tariff auditing and analysis as one of the tools they use to assist businesses in choosing the most appropriate and cost-effective electricity tariff for their needs. Your energy bills could be increased unnecessarily if you choose the wrong tariff.

  • Your Eskom energy advisor will conduct a tariff audit and analysis in order to ensure that the tariff you select meets the needs of your business in terms of cost and efficiency. Energy costs can be increased unnecessarily if you choose the wrong tariff.

  • You cannot choose between municipal and Eskom electricity supply points (local or non-local authorities) depending on your tariff category

  • Your supply size

  • Your supply voltage

  • Your transmission zone

A download of your data will provide details about your energy consumption, maximum chargeable demand (kVA), and applicable rates. This tariff tool provides you with a yearly costing for the applicable tariff options so you can make an informed decision.

Aside from helping municipal managers find the right tariff based on their bulk electricity usage profile, Eskom provides technical assistance and support.

You can use these comparisons to make an informed decision about your tariff selection and to ensure that your existing tariff is the most financially viable.

How do you calculate your tariff?

During the time of use, large power consumers are billed on an interval basis (time-of-use). With the tariff comparison toolkit, Eskom is able to conduct accurate tariff comparisons with historical metered data. A conventional metering system is used to measure small power consumers, which does not provide data logging capabilities.

Since small power users are more difficult to compare, your advisor might be able to create a more accurate tariff comparison with benchmarking principles and load profile information from your equipment.

How do you change your tariff?

You may find that your tariff audit analysis provides you with a better tariff for your operation once we have completed our tariff audit analysis. Using Eskom’s customer contact center, your advisor will guide you through the tariff change application process.  You will receive a new quote within 30 days that you can accept or reject.

Due to the fact that the new tariff application is processed through various Eskom systems, it may take up to two months to complete. In the event that your Eskom deposit is insufficient to cover current charges, we may require a top-up, which may result in the need to update the security on your account.

The importance of power factor correction

The power factor also affects the amount you pay each month on your electricity bill.  However, some tariffs are exempt from this restriction. A power factor analysis will be provided by Eskom along with a tariff audit analysis.

Power factor correction equipment has already been installed by many large power users, according to Eskom.  The equipment may not be operational in many cases if it is not maintained.  You may be paying a higher demand charge if you are unaware that your power factor correction is undersized.

Our energy productivity solutions are tailored to your usage profile if your meter data can be downloaded so that a power factor analysis is performed together with a tariff analysis.

Eskom encourages you to use alternative funding to assist with the development of your business. Our commitment to helping you realize your business plans and expand includes guidance about how to reduce your energy investment costs. Ensure SA’s economic growth is stimulated and the resulting increase in electricity consumption is effectively managed.

Several external financing solutions are available to assist you in expanding your business activities, which your energy advisor has information about. Your advisor may not be an expert on alternative funding mechanisms, but can provide you with relevant contact information and advise you on whether one should be considered.  Your business could benefit from tax incentives and tax allowances if it is energy efficient, as well as grants to encourage investment in the business.

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