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Energy Efficiency Programme

Jul 15, 2023

Energy Efficiency Programme. A program designed to encourage customers to consider energy efficiency projects they would otherwise not consider in the short term is the energy efficiency programme.

Energy Efficiency Programme

Eskom is able to address the much-needed capacity issue in the short term through the programme and customers are able to lower their electrical energy input costs.

The qualification conditions for project submissions are as follows

  • Residents are not eligible for the programme, which is open to all sectors

  • The average consumption of each project must be reduced by 100 kW per day (14 hours, excluding weekends) from its baseline consumption. There is a minimum requirement of 91 000 kWh of energy savings per quarter

  • Proposals for the same entity will be limited to five sites maximum.

  • There is a six-month deadline for implementing projects

  • An evaluation of sustainability performance over a 24-month period is conducted quarterly

  • Based on the average savings in demand during the defined period, the incentive rate is 41,029 cents/kWh

  • There are templates and documentation requirements for proposal submissions

Please refer to the detailed programme rules provided in documents below

Energy Efficiency Documents

Energy Efficiency Application Templates

For more information or clarity on Energy Efficiency send an email to [email protected]  an Eskom representative will contact you. Visit Official Site

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