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Energy Saving

Energy Saving



Energy Saving

Energy Saving. By creating awareness, educating, and encouraging participation among the residential and business sectors, the “Please Use Only What You Need” campaign helps reduce the strain on the national electricity network by reducing the use of electricity.

To empower its customers, Eskom will share with them information on energy efficient technologies and appliances as well as behavioral tips to save electricity.

Energy Saving

Eskom understands that this campaign cannot be carried out alone and must be inclusive.  Whether this campaign succeeds or fails will depend on the support of the South African residential and business sectors.

Electricity Saving Tips

Consider dressing warmly, using a blanket and a hot water bottle instead of turning on the heater.  Up to 17% of your evening peak power can be accounted for by electric space heaters. See here for more information.
If you want to reduce your electricity usage, you should turn off unnecessary lights. For more information, click here.
Heat rooms during the day by allowing sunlight to shine through, and then close the curtains at night to reduce heat loss
DStv, ETV, and SABC all have Power Alerts. Using color-coded alerts, power supply status levels are shared with required switch-off actions to lower electricity demand. It would be appreciated if you switched off unnecessary lights, your geyser, and your pool pump as soon as possible
When making tea or coffee, boil only enough water to make the number of cups you’re making. An electric blanket should be replaced with a hot water bottle. When washing your hands, only use cold water to prevent the geyser from turning on unnecessarily

Electricity is extremely helpful in our everyday lives

You may have to deal with a power outage if something goes wrong. To avoid this from happening to you, it’s important to know what to do and what to look for.

  • Make sure you know where your home’s “mains” box is.

  • The first thing you should do in the event of a power outage is to make sure that you are the only house affected by it. Make sure the main power switch has not tripped in the “mains” box. The circuit with the fault should now still be off if it’s been switched off. Make sure it is fixed as soon as possible.

  • You should avoid touching anything if you’re unsure. You should contact an electrician as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

  • Lightning storms, power line problems, vandalism, and accidents at substations can all cause the problem in your area. There is usually a problem with the main power supply when a power outage affects all the houses in your area, so you should immediately contact the right authorities.

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