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Eskom Announces Full-Day Suspension of Load-Shedding

Oct 8, 2023
Eskom Announces Full-Day Suspension of Load-Shedding

Eskom, the South African power utility, has made an announcement regarding Eskom load-shedding, stating that it will remain suspended until 16:00 on Monday, October 9, 2023. This extension of the suspension of load-shedding is attributed to improved generation capacity.

Eskom Announces Full-Day Suspension of Load-Shedding

Stage 2 Load-Shedding to Resume

Following this suspension, Eskom will implement stage 2 load-shedding, a more severe form of controlled electricity reduction, from 16:00 on Monday until 05:00 on Tuesday, October 10. This is part of Eskom’s measures to manage electricity supply and demand effectively.

Temporary Respite and Load-Shedding Pattern

After the nighttime load-shedding, Eskom plans to suspend load-shedding again, this time from 05:00 until 16:00 on Tuesday. This daytime respite aims to provide more stable access to electricity for consumers.

Eskom states that this pattern of suspending load-shedding during the day (from 05:00 to 16:00) and implementing stage 2 load-shedding during the night (from 16:00 to 05:00) will be repeated daily until further notice.

This schedule is designed to balance the need for power supply during critical daytime hours with the management of electricity demand during the evening and early morning.

Communication of Changes

Eskom underscores its commitment to communicate any significant changes in the load-shedding schedule to the public. Timely communication is essential for consumers to plan and prepare for periods of reduced electricity supply.

Weekend Load-Shedding Mix

This announcement follows a weekend with a mix of load-shedding stages. On Friday, October 6, Eskom had announced the continuation of load-shedding over the weekend to replenish its emergency reserves.

This resulted in stage 2 load-shedding until 05:00 on Saturday and stage 1 load-shedding until 05:00 on Sunday. Afterward, load-shedding was suspended.

Reasons for Load-Shedding

Eskom’s decision to implement load-shedding is often due to various factors, including the need to manage electricity supply amid demand fluctuations and equipment breakdowns at power stations. The specific power stations affected by these breakdowns were not disclosed.

Load-Shedding Timetable

The article mentions that a load-shedding timetable is provided for Sunday, October 8, and onwards until further notice. The timetable likely specifies when and where load-shedding will be implemented to help residents and businesses plan for periods of reduced electricity supply.

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