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Eskom Does Not Rule Out Stage 6 Load Shedding for the Summer Season

Oct 10, 2023
Eskom Does Not Rule Out Stage 6 Load Shedding for the Summer Season

Eskom Stage 6 Load Shedding: Eskom’s summer load shedding outlook remains uncertain as the targeted reduction in unplanned load losses has not been achieved. Acting Eskom CEO Calib Cassim discussed the utility’s efforts to mitigate load shedding during a media briefing.

Eskom Does Not Rule Out Stage 6 Load Shedding for the Summer Season

Challenges in Load Shedding Control

  • Eskom is striving to minimize load shedding as much as possible with the primary objective of not exceeding stage 4 during the 2023 summer outlook.
  • However, Eskom cannot guarantee the avoidance of stage 6 load shedding if unplanned outages escalate to the outer scenarios, reaching 17,500 MW. In such cases, stage 6 may be used to protect the grid’s integrity.

Increasing Generation Capacity

  • Eskom is directing its efforts towards enhancing available generation capacity, including the addition of 2,880 MW from Kusile units.
  • To support the system, Eskom plans to utilize diesel burn at the open cycle gas turbines (OCGT).

Koeberg Steam Generator Progress

  • While progress is being made in the repair of Koeberg steam generators, their return on November 3 will not directly impact the increase in available power supply due to Unit 2 being taken offline shortly after Unit 1’s return.

Recovery Efforts in Western Cape

  • Eskom’s distribution group executive, Monde Bala, reported significant progress in repairing parts of the Western Cape affected by a recent storm.
  • Eskom teams are working diligently alongside the City of Cape Town to restore power to affected areas.


Eskom faces challenges in ensuring a stable power supply during the upcoming summer months. While efforts are underway to control load shedding and increase generation capacity, the possibility of stage 6 load shedding remains in the event of significant unplanned outages. Additionally, Eskom continues to assist in the recovery of power supply in storm-affected regions of the Western Cape.

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