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Eskom Extends Load Shedding Suspension Until Monday Afternoon

Oct 1, 2023
Eskom Extends Load Shedding Suspension Until Monday Afternoon

Eskom Extends Load Shedding Suspension: In a welcome announcement, Eskom has revealed that South Africans can enjoy an uninterrupted Sunday without the prospect of state-imposed power outages.

Eskom Extends Load Shedding Suspension Until Monday Afternoon

Eskom stated that it will continue to suspend load shedding until Monday afternoon, attributing this relief to several factors, including the return to service of Kusile 3, improved generation performance, and lower-than-anticipated electricity demand.

The suspension will remain in effect until 4 pm on Monday, after which Stage 2 load shedding will be implemented.

Eskom assured that it will vigilantly monitor the power system and promptly communicate any changes regarding load shedding. Concurrently, Minister in the Presidency for Electricity, Dr. Kgosientsho Ramokgopa, is set to host his weekly media briefing, providing updates on the progress of the Energy Action Plan.

Dr. Ramokgopa’s recent statements underscore the urgency of expanding South Africa’s national grid. To realize this expansion, he emphasized the need for over R100 billion in funding by the next financial year and a substantial investment exceeding R250 billion for the transmission grid’s expansion over the next decade.

This financing challenge was discussed during the South African Transmission Financing Seminar, where Dr. Ramokgopa engaged with prominent business leaders at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

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