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Eskom Extends Relief by Suspending Load Shedding Until Sunday

Oct 27, 2023
Eskom Extends Relief by Suspending Load Shedding Until Sunday

Eskom, South Africa’s power utility, has decided to extend the suspension of load shedding until 4:00 PM on Sunday. This is a significant development for South Africans who have been dealing with an energy crisis. Eskom’s decision to continue the suspension is attributed to several key factors:

Eskom Extends Relief by Suspending Load Shedding Until Sunday

Sufficient Generation Capacity:

Eskom now has enough capacity to meet the country’s electricity demands. This includes both their normal generation capacity and additional emergency reserves.

Anticipated Return of Units:

Some of Eskom’s generating units are expected to be back in service. This will contribute to the overall capacity and help maintain the suspension of load shedding.

Lower Weekend Demand:

Anticipated lower electricity demand over the weekend plays a role in the decision. Weekends typically see reduced industrial and commercial power usage.

Eskom emphasizes that it will continue to monitor the power system and will provide a week-ahead outlook on Sunday.

This indicates that they are keeping a close watch on the situation and will adjust their plans accordingly.

In an additional move to combat load shedding, Eskom recently launched the cross-border standard offer programme (CBSOP), which allows short-term energy purchases from neighboring countries and cross-border Independent Power Producers (IPPs).

Through this initiative, Eskom aims to add 1,000 MW of electricity to the national grid, reducing capacity constraints.

The extension of the load shedding suspension is seen as a positive step, providing relief to South Africans while the power utility takes steps to address the ongoing energy crisis.

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