• November 7, 2023 1:39 pm

Eskom Introduction of New Load Shedding Schedules

Nov 7, 2023
Eskom Introduction of New Load Shedding Schedules

In a media statement released on November 7, Eskom officially announced a significant transformation in the load shedding blocks and schedules applicable to all customers, which includes municipal entities.

Eskom Introduction of New Load Shedding Schedules

This development is a direct consequence of Eskom’s decision to delegate load-shedding operations to City Power for a substantial portion of the areas it supplies.

The impact of this transition is widespread, affecting both Eskom and municipal customers served directly by the power utility in the Gauteng province.

City Power, as the entity tasked with executing these load-shedding operations, has specified that certain areas will continue to experience load shedding.

These exceptions are attributed to the intricacies of network configuration and technical complexities, which may require specific load-shedding plans.

Crucially, both Eskom and City Power have affirmed their unwavering commitment to ensuring the security of electricity supply.

Furthermore, they have expressed their dedication to complying with distribution licensing conditions.

This commitment extends to the strategic goal of diminishing the load requirements during different stages of load shedding.

The ultimate aim is to safeguard the integrity of the national grid, a paramount consideration in the management of load shedding operations.

This transition underscores the evolving landscape of load shedding and highlights the critical role played by both Eskom and municipal entities in delivering stable electricity supply while navigating the complexities of distribution.

The changes in load shedding blocks and schedules reflect a collective effort to maintain a reliable and secure energy infrastructure for all customers affected by load shedding.

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