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Eskom is the Only Solution to Load-Shedding – Ramokgopa Advisor

Jul 17, 2023
Eskom is the Only Solution to Load-Shedding – Ramokgopa Advisor

Eskom is the Only Solution to Load-Shedding. During a meeting with the electricity minister, Silas Zimu said the country’s electricity crisis can only be solved by Eskom employees.

Kgosientsho Ramokgopa asked him to be a special advisor, and Zimu agreed only on one condition: “Eskom is the only place where we can resolve this issue.”. Eskom is the only place we can resolve this issue.”

Eskom is the Only Solution to Load-Shedding – Ramokgopa Advisor

According to him, the minister visited power stations in-person across the country as a priority at the beginning of his term.

“We started driving from day one. In addition to talking to the staff at the power stations, he said he was accompanied by senior Eskom executives.

They gained key insights through this “roadshow” at power stations, Zimu says.

Their observations noted that Eskom’s original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) played a relatively smaller role.

As such, the OEMs cannot be excluded from solving [the electricity crisis] without raising concerns.

Despite our best efforts, our plants’ performance has deteriorated in recent years. Poor performance cannot be fixed overnight, but OEMs cannot be forced to stand aside.” We recognize that poor performance cannot be fixed overnight.

According to Zimu, at well-performing power plants, most, if not all, of the work, including maintenance, was being performed by the staff.

When outsourced work was prevalent at the worst-performing stations, inverse results were observed.

We wanted to know if we had outsourced to the right people. As we became aware of the problem, we realized that our supply chain was not linked to the balanced scorecard of the generation.”

Moreover, Eskom used some companies not suited for its operations because of factors like empowerment policies, he said.

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