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Eskom Kusile Units Come Online Reducing Load Shedding to Stage 2

Oct 2, 2023
Eskom Kusile Units Come Online Reducing Load Shedding to Stage 2

Eskom, South Africa’s state-owned power utility, has announced the suspension of Eskom load shedding thanks to several key developments, including the return of Eskom Kusile Unit 3 to service and improved electricity generation performance. This decision offers a moment of respite for South Africa’s electricity consumers.

Eskom Kusile Units Come Online Reducing Load Shedding to Stage 2

Suspended Load Shedding

Due to the return to service of Kusile Unit 3 and the sustained improvement in electricity generation, Eskom will suspend load shedding until 4 PM on Monday. After this period, Stage 2 load shedding will be implemented. Eskom emphasizes its commitment to communicating any significant changes.

Minister’s Positive Update

Electricity Minister Dr. Kgosientsho Ramokgopa provided a positive update on the situation. He highlighted the substantial progress made in electricity generation, attributing it to the return of Kusile Unit 3. This development marks a turning point in South Africa’s electricity supply.

Challenges Leading to Discontinuation

The three units at the Kusile power plant were taken offline in October 2022 for maintenance and safety reasons. This decision strained the national grid and impacted Eskom’s overall generating capacity. South Africa lost approximately 2,400MW of generating capacity during this period.

Return of Kusile Unit 3

Minister Ramokgopa shared that Kusile Unit 3 is currently generating 550MW and that it will take some time to fully restore normal electricity supply. The other units are expected to come back online gradually, contributing an additional 2,400MW to the grid. When Unit 5 is reintegrated into the system, the total increase is projected to reach 3,200MW.

Government’s Energy Action Plan

The government continues to implement its Energy Action Plan, aimed at securing a reliable and continuous energy supply. These efforts are in response to the severe impact of load shedding on households, small businesses, and the overall economy. President Cyril Ramaphosa unveiled measures in July 2022 to enhance power station performance and rapidly expand generation capacity.

In summary, Eskom’s suspension of load shedding, bolstered by the return of Kusile Unit 3, represents a significant step forward in South Africa’s energy landscape, signaling progress toward a more stable and resilient electricity supply.

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