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Eskom Promises Load Shedding-Free Weekend

Oct 27, 2023
Eskom Promises Load Shedding-Free Weekend

Eskom, South Africa’s power utility, has shared a positive development that will bring a brief hiatus from load shedding during the weekend. This suspension in power outages is linked to various factors contributing to improved energy availability and reduced breakdowns in the system.

Eskom Promises Load Shedding-Free Weekend

Weekend Load Shedding Suspension:

Eskom has planned to suspend load shedding from Thursday night until Monday afternoon, offering relief to South African residents over the weekend.

Good Generation Fleet Performance:

The suspension is a result of Eskom’s positive assessment of its generation fleet’s performance, marking an improvement compared to previous years.

Anticipated Lower Weekend Demand:

Lower electricity demand during the weekend is another key factor allowing for the suspension of load shedding.

Breakdown Reduction:

Eskom reported a significant reduction in equipment breakdowns to 12,925MW, a crucial aspect in managing load shedding.

Planned Maintenance:

Planned maintenance currently stands at 4,889MW of generation capacity, highlighting the utility’s efforts to maintain and enhance its infrastructure.

Streak of No Load Shedding:

This suspension represents one of the longest periods without load shedding in 2023, a year plagued by frequent power outages.

Kusile Units Online:

Recent improvements can also be attributed to the return of three units at Kusile power station, enhancing power availability.

Despite the specific factors contributing to this suspension, the relief from load shedding will be widely welcomed by South Africans. The negative economic impact and budget deficit associated with load shedding have been a major concern for the country.

SARS Commissioner Edward Kieswetter estimated potential revenue losses of up to R150 billion, highlighting the significance of minimizing load shedding disruptions.

This temporary suspension is expected to offer a brief reprieve and improved energy stability, benefiting individuals and businesses alike.

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