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Eskom Raises Concerns Over Escalating Load Shedding During Upcoming Summer

Oct 7, 2023
Eskom Raises Concerns Over Escalating Load Shedding During Upcoming Summer

Eskom, the South African power utility, has issued a stern warning about the potential for higher stages of load shedding during the upcoming summer. This warning was delivered by Vikesh Rajpaul, the general manager of Just Energy Transition at Eskom Holdings, during the Joburg Indaba 2023 conference in Sandton.

Eskom Raises Concerns Over Escalating Load Shedding During Upcoming Summer

The announcement is in response to Eskom’s plans for increased maintenance activities during the warmer months, aiming to enhance its generational fleet’s long-term performance and power station efficiency.

Summer Maintenance Challenges

Eskom acknowledges the challenges posed by warmer temperatures to certain generating units’ optimal functioning. Electricity Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa also noted that partial load losses are likely to increase during the extreme heat periods of the year.

Commitment to Energy Transition

Rajpaul emphasized Eskom’s commitment to pursuing a just energy transition, which includes exploring opportunities to extend the lifespan of power stations beyond their scheduled decommissioning dates.

Progress in Power Station Restoration

Eskom provided updates on power station restoration efforts, including the return of Unit 1 at Koeberg Power Station, progress at Kusile Power Station, and expected contributions to the power grid.

Municipal Debt Crisis

In a separate development, Eskom reported a growing municipal electricity debt crisis in Gauteng. The City of Tshwane and Ekurhuleni owe Eskom a combined total of R4.7 billion as of August 31, 2023. The erratic payment practices of these municipalities are posing significant challenges to Eskom’s financial sustainability.


Eskom’s announcement underscores the continued challenges in South Africa’s power sector, including the risk of higher load shedding during the upcoming summer and the urgent need to address municipal debt issues. These developments have significant implications for the country’s electricity supply and financial stability.

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