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Eskom Ramps Up Load Shedding to Stage 4 Amid Power Shortage

Jul 31, 2023
Eskom Ramps Up Load Shedding to Stage 4 Amid Power Shortage

Eskom, South Africa’s ailing power utility, has announced that it will escalate load shedding to Stage 4 this afternoon at 4 o’clock, lasting until Monday morning at 5 AM.

This decision comes as the utility faces significant challenges in maintaining adequate power supply to meet the country’s electricity demands.

Eskom Ramps Up Load Shedding to Stage 4 Amid Power Shortage

According to the ailing power utility, load shedding is expected to be downgraded to stage 2 on Monday morning.

Stage 4 Load Shedding

During the scheduled period of Stage 4 load shedding, Eskom will implement widespread power cuts, affecting both households and businesses across various regions.

The severity of Stage 4 load shedding means that power supply will be significantly limited, with longer and more frequent power outages. This measure is taken to prevent a total collapse of the power grid and to manage the strain on the already compromised electricity infrastructure.

Temporary Relief: Stage 2 Load Shedding

On Monday morning at 5 AM, Eskom plans to downgrade the load shedding from Stage 4 to Stage 2. This decision comes as the utility makes efforts to restore some stability to the power supply network.

During Stage 2 load shedding, the frequency and duration of power cuts will be reduced, providing temporary relief to consumers.

Load Shedding Schedule

The utility advises households and businesses to prepare for the alternating stages of power cuts during the coming week. This means that they should anticipate both Stage 4 and Stage 2 load shedding cycles, as Eskom works to address the underlying power generation and distribution issues.

Generation Units Back in Service

Eskom’s spokesperson, Menzi Mngomezulu, stated that over the past 24 hours, progress has been made in returning some generating units to service. A generating unit each at Grootvlei, Kendal, Kriel, Majuba, and Medupi power stations have been brought back online.

However, there are delays in restoring a generating unit at Kendal and two generating units at Tutuka power station, which are contributing to the current power constraints.


The escalation of load shedding to Stage 4 reflects the critical state of Eskom’s power supply system, necessitating drastic measures to prevent a complete blackout.

Consumers should brace themselves for the impact of alternating power cuts during the week, and Eskom continues its efforts to restore normalcy to the electricity supply.

Public cooperation and energy conservation during this period will play a crucial role in managing the situation effectively.

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