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Eskom Releases Weekend Load Shedding Schedule to Boost Reserves

Oct 7, 2023
Eskom Releases Weekend Load Shedding Schedule to Boost Reserves

Eskom Releases Weekend Load Shedding Schedule: Eskom, South Africa’s state-owned power utility, has announced its decision to continue load-shedding over the weekend. This extension aims to facilitate the replenishment of its pumped storage scheme dams, which are crucial for ensuring a stable power supply. Here’s a breakdown of the load-shedding schedule for the weekend.

Eskom Releases Weekend Load Shedding Schedule to Boost Reserves

Weekend Load-Shedding Schedule

  • Stage 2 Load-Shedding (Friday to Saturday): Load-shedding will persist until 05:00 on Saturday morning, allowing for further dam replenishment.
  • Stage 1 Load-Shedding (Saturday to Sunday): Starting from 05:00 on Saturday and lasting until 05:00 on Sunday, Stage 1 load-shedding will be in effect.
  • Suspension of Power Cuts (Sunday Morning): On Sunday, Eskom aims to suspend rotational power cuts from 05:00 until 16:00, providing temporary relief.
  • Stage 1 Load-Shedding Resumption (Sunday Evening to Monday): From 16:00 on Sunday, Eskom plans to reinstitute Stage 1 load-shedding, which will continue until 05:00 on Monday.

Reason for Load-Shedding Extension

This decision follows Eskom’s recent disclosure that it lost four generation units, prompting continuous Stage 2 power cuts until further notice. The specific power stations affected by these unit outages were not disclosed.

Peak Demand and Usage of Emergency Resources

Eskom’s evening peak demand statistics revealed heavy reliance on emergency diesel-powered open-cycle gas turbines (OCGTs). During the Thursday evening peak at 18:39, total demand reached 29,169MW, while the available grid capacity stood at 26,693MW. To meet demand, Eskom had to utilize 18 OCGT units, burning diesel in the process.

Date Day Daytime (05:00–16:00) Evening peak (16:00–05:00)
6 October Friday Stage 2 Stage 2
7 October Saturday Stage 1 Stage 1
8 October Sunday Suspended Stage 1
9 October Monday TBA TBA


Eskom’s decision to extend load-shedding is driven by the need to replenish vital pumped storage scheme dams, ensuring a reliable power supply. While the utility works to address the generation unit issues, it encourages consumers to stay informed about the load-shedding schedule to minimize disruptions.

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