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Eskom Resumes Load Shedding With a Timetable

Oct 29, 2023
Eskom Resumes Load Shedding With a Timetable

Eskom has announced the return of load shedding in South Africa, citing the need to replenish emergency reserves before an expected increase in electricity demand during cold weather.

Eskom Resumes Load Shedding With a Timetable

The power utility will implement stage 2 load shedding from 16:00 on Sunday, October 29, 2023, to 16:00 on Monday, October 30, 2023.

This will be followed by stage 3 load shedding from 16:00 until 05:00 on Tuesday, and then stage 2 load shedding until 16:00.

The cycle will continue until further notice, with Eskom monitoring the power system and communicating any changes if necessary.

Eskom currently has 5,950MW of generation capacity offline for planned maintenance, along with 16,150MW unavailable due to breakdowns. Several generation units have been taken offline for repairs in the past 24 hours, with others returned to service.

The power utility anticipates a peak electricity demand of 27,557MW on Monday evening, while its load forecast for the peak is 24,824MW.

The Eskom load-shedding schedule for this period is provided in the list below.

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