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Eskom Successfully Restores Another Kusile Power Station Unit



Eskom Successfully Restores Another Kusile Power Station Unit

Eskom, South Africa’s major electricity provider, has successfully brought an additional unit of the Kusile Power Station back into operation, contributing 800MW to the national grid. This achievement follows the return of unit 3 at the end of September, with only unit 2 remaining to be reinstated.

Eskom Successfully Restores Another Kusile Power Station Unit

Significant Boost in Generation Capacity

Units 1 and 3’s combined return, injecting 1,600MW into the grid, is a positive development that augments the available generation capacity. This progress signals Eskom’s journey towards reducing and ultimately eradicating load shedding.

Ahead-of-Schedule Unit Restorations

Unit 1 was restored one and a half months earlier than the initial schedule, and unit 3’s return was expedited by two months. Originally, unit 3 was slated for a late-November 2023 return, with the remaining two units expected to follow in December.

Progress and Revised Operation Dates

In August, Eskom reported significant progress in the Kusile Power Station’s return, subsequently confirming the advancement of the planned operational dates.

Temporary Stack Solution

The failure of the Kusile West stack in October 2022 led to the decommissioning of three generating units (units 1, 2, and 3). Eskom’s interim solution involved erecting three temporary stacks without Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) plants.

Key Role in Load Shedding Mitigation

Eskom has placed considerable hope on the return of Kusile units, along with the recent synchronization and activation of Unit 4. This combined effort could add nearly 3,000MW to the grid, providing Eskom with additional flexibility to manage load shedding and increased planned maintenance.

Grid Balancing and Load Shedding

In anticipation of the summer season, Eskom has emphasized the critical role of the Kusile unit returns in avoiding a worst-case load shedding scenario for the next six months, which could reach stage 6 for over 200 days. With added capacity, load shedding may be maintained at stage 4, but it does not signify the complete end of load shedding.

Ongoing Grid Challenges

As the summer months approach and planned maintenance intensifies, the grid will face continued strain. Additionally, the shutdown of Unit 2 at the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station will offset the gains from Unit 1’s return.

Environmental and Health Considerations

It’s important to note that the return of Kusile Unit 3 was made possible through exemptions from environmental standards. This exemption has raised concerns regarding the release of toxic sulfur into the atmosphere, posing health risks.

Anticipating Further Improvements

Eskom anticipates further advancements in the coming months, with expectations of additional megawatts contributed by Tutuka recoveries. This outlook provides a more promising energy situation for South Africa as the country moves into 2024.

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Eskom Media Today

Eskom Loadshedding will continue until 5:00 on Tuesday, as previously announced



Eskom Loadshedding will continue until 5:00 on Tuesday, as previously announced

Until 05:00 on Tuesday, stage 4 loadshedding will continue. Until further notice, Stage 2 and 4 loadshedding will take place.

Eskom Loadshedding will continue until 5:00 on Tuesday, as previously announced

Monday, 10 July 2023: Stage 4 loadshedding is being implemented until 5:00 a.m. on Tuesday due to increased demand. On Wednesday, Stage 4 loadshedding will be implemented from 14:00 until 05:00, followed by Stage 2 loadshedding from 05:00 to 14:00.

Eskom Loadshedding Today

There will be a daily implementation of this pattern until further notice. A new update will be published if any significant changes are made.

As of now, 14 252MW of generating capacity has been damaged by breakdowns, while 4 118MW of generating capacity has been out of service for planned maintenance.

As of today, Duvha, Hendrina, Kendal, Kriel, Matimba and Medupi power stations have each reactivated a generating unit.

The Arnot and Tutuka power stations each had a generation unit out of service due to a breakdown during the same period.

Tutuka Power Station’s current capacity constraints are due to the delay in resuming two generating units. In order to restore service to the generating units, Eskom teams are working around the clock.

Members of the public are being encouraged to use electricity sparingly and efficiently, and we want to thank the people who do heed the call. During the period between 17:00 and 21:00, please turn off your geysers and pool pumps as this reduces demand, alleviates pressure on the power system, and contributes to fewer stages of load-shedding.

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