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Eskom Zamlim Expands C&I Solar and E-mobility in South Africa

Sep 30, 2023
Eskom Zamlim Expands C&I Solar and E-mobility in South Africa

Eskom Zamlim Expands C&I Solar: Eskom Zamlim is expanding its activities related to Commercial and Industrial (C&I) solar projects in South Africa. This expansion likely involves increasing their investments, installations, or services in the C&I solar sector within the country.

Eskom Zamlim Expands C&I Solar and E-mobility in South Africa

Solar Boom in South African C&I Sector

  • Eskom South Africa’s national power utility, Eskom, reports significant growth in the country’s commercial and industrial (C&I) solar sector.
  • Currently, there is approximately 4,412 MW of solar PV installed in the South African C&I and residential sectors.
  • Over 3,000 MW of this capacity was added between March 2022 and June 2023, demonstrating rapid growth.
  • Eskom South Africa still has untapped potential for further expansion in solar power, with many unused rooftops, parking areas, and open land available for clean energy generation.

Zamlim’s Involvement in South Africa’s C&I Solar Sector

  • Eskom Zamlim, a consulting, engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) firm, is actively expanding its presence in South Africa’s C&I solar sector.
  • Zamlim’s project portfolio includes collaborations with large original equipment manufacturers and oil major fuel forecourts.
  • The company is considering incorporating battery storage into its projects to provide power during load shedding and power failures.
  • Zamlim is also working with the South African Chamber of Commerce & Industry to offer a product called “Power For You” to the chamber’s members.
  • The consortium includes ENS Africa for deal structuring and the Department of Trade, Industry, and Competition’s (DTIC) Energy-One-Stop shop.
  • The Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa (IDC) is serving as Zamlim’s anchor funder.

Electric Mobility Sector in South Africa EskomĀ 

  • South Africa is experiencing growth in the electric mobility sector, with electric car sales doubling year-on-year.
  • However, asset ownership remains lower due to high interest rates and entry costs, especially for larger electric vehicles.
  • Micromobility, particularly electric bicycles and motorcycles, is seen as a more inclusive option, especially for last-mile delivery and logistics.
  • Zamlim is focusing on electric bicycles to promote financial inclusion, working with a top-four bank in South Africa to develop a lease-financing model.
  • The company plans to launch a pilot project in Alexandra, Johannesburg, where residents will use electric bicycles for e-commerce deliveries.
  • The pilot project aims to track performance, gather data, and assess the feasibility of scaling up e-bike adoption across South Africa.
  • It will also explore opportunities for local manufacturing of e-bikes, batteries, and charging centers.

Future Plans

  • Eskom Zamlim intends to conduct a detailed financial and economic study to support the expansion of e-bike roll-outs in South Africa.
  • The study will consider battery limits, local manufacturing possibilities, and return metrics.
  • The pilot project will involve a partnership with Greenriders and collaboration with various customers, including the Department of Health and food delivery services.
  • Results from the pilot and economic study will help shape policy, infrastructure development, and economic opportunities in the electric mobility sector in South Africa.


The C&I solar sector is booming in South Africa, with significant capacity added in a short period. Eskom Zamlim is actively participating in this sector’s growth, focusing on solar projects and expanding into the electric mobility market.The company’s pilot e-bike project in Alexandra, Johannesburg, holds promise for promoting micromobility and supporting economic development in South Africa’s last-mile delivery sector.

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