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Flames are consuming Eskom’s power station!

Jul 25, 2023
Flames are consuming Eskom's power station!

Flames are consuming Eskom’s power station! Unit 2 of Eskom’s Grootvlei power station has been shut down for the time being due to a fire.

Saturday morning, 22 July, about 7 am, is when the fire started. It took just one hour for Eskom to contain and extinguish the fire.  The incident was not reported to have caused any injuries.

Flames are consuming Eskom’s power station!

When the unit was shut down, it was producing 175MW of electricity. After the fire incident, the fuel oil supply and return pipelines were manually shut down to prevent further damage.

Eskom Load Shedding Schedule 

“The Eskom team managed to isolate the sources of fuel and prevent catastrophic damage to the unit as they confined the victims to the feedwater regulating station and the front-firing floor,” the utility said.

It said Eskom would work around the clock to ensure that the unit is returned to service as soon as possible while investigations are underway to determine the cause of the leak and how extensive the damage was.

On Sunday, 23 July, Electricity Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa assessed the damage at the power station. A few hours earlier that Sunday, he had provided an update on progress with regard to the Energy Action Plan.

According to Ramokgopa, the fire at the station was concerning, and they were working to determine what caused it.

During his speech, Ramokgopa also addressed the delays in refurbishing South Africa’s only nuclear power station, the Koeberg plant.

A license extension has been granted to help relieve rolling power outages caused by the plant, which is expected to be decommissioned in July 2024.

Ramokgopa says Eskom is working on increasing the grid capacity while addressing regulatory approval issues, establishing regional interconnectors and funding all efforts to end load shedding.

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