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Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural Load Management

Jul 15, 2023

Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural Load Management. During evening peak times, load management initiatives reduce demand in order to reduce congestion.

Using Load Management projects, customers’ peak load can be clipped or shifted in order to flatten their system loads. For demand reduction, industries must manage their activities without violating health and safety regulations.

Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural Load Management

The qualification conditions for project submissions are as follows

  • All sectors, except residential, can participate in the programme

  • 0.5MW is the minimum size for load shifting or peak clipping projects

  • A single proposal can be submitted per site

  • Six (6) months must pass before the project can be implemented

  • Summer and winter evening peak periods are defined by Eskom as the targeted period for demand reduction

  • A 24-month sustainability period will be used to measure performance

  • There are templates and documentation requirements for proposal submissions

The following documents provide detailed information about the programme rules

Load Management Programme Documents

Load Management Application Templates

For more information or clarity on Load Management send an email to [email protected]   an Eskom representative will contact you. Visit Official Site

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