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Joburg Load Shedding to Transition to Two-Hour Slots as City Power Assumes Control From Eskom

Oct 31, 2023
Joburg Load Shedding to Transition to Two-Hour Slots as City Power Assumes Control from Eskom

In a significant operational shift, City Power will now manage load shedding, limiting slots to two hours, as it takes over load shedding operations from Eskom, effective November 6, 2023. This marks a notable departure from Eskom’s four-hour load shedding slots, reflecting a more tailored approach to minimize disruption for consumers.

Joburg Load Shedding to Transition to Two-Hour Slots as City Power Assumes Control From Eskom

Mutual Agreement Alters Load Shedding Blocks

This change in the management of load shedding operations in Johannesburg follows a mutual agreement between City Power and Eskom.

City Power will take over load shedding operations for most of its areas, including those previously managed by Eskom.

As a result, load shedding schedules and blocks will be adjusted, affecting areas under City Power in Johannesburg and Eskom across Gauteng.

Consistent Two-Hour Schedule for City Power Areas

Areas served by City Power will experience consistent two-hour load shedding schedules, even during stage 5 and higher levels of load shedding.

This adjustment aims to maintain a predictable and more manageable load shedding experience for residents and businesses.

Technical Exclusions in Certain Areas

Some areas will continue to be managed by Eskom due to the specific network configurations and technical complexities involved.

Notable areas where Eskom will retain control of load shedding include Tshepisong, Lufhereng (Roodepoort), Hoogland, Maroeladal, Morningside, Riverclub, Dainfern, Bloubosrand, Waterford Estate, Riverbend, Kyasands, Bellairspark (Randburg), Halfway House, Halfway Gardens, Vorna Valley, Willowway (Midrand), and Marlboro Transit Camp (Alexandra).

City Power and Eskom are actively exploring technical solutions to eventually transfer the load shedding operations of these remaining customers to City Power.

Commitment to Uninterrupted Power Supply

Both City Power and Eskom remain steadfast in their commitment to ensuring the security of the power supply is not compromised.

They will continue to collaborate with communities and stakeholders to guarantee uninterrupted electricity services, recognizing electricity as an essential service for all customers.

This transition in load shedding management signifies a proactive approach by City Power to enhance the efficiency and predictability of load shedding in its service areas, aiming to minimize inconvenience for residents and businesses during times of power constraints.

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