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Load Shedding Suspension Extended Until Sunday at 16:00

Oct 26, 2023
Load Shedding Suspension Extended Until Sunday at 16:00

Eskom, the South African power utility, has extended the suspension of load shedding, offering temporary relief to the country as it grapples with an ongoing energy crisis.

Load Shedding Suspension Extended Until Sunday at 16:00

This extension comes just in time for South Africans to enjoy the Rugby World Cup final, where the Springboks will face the All Blacks.

Eskom cited several factors contributing to this extension, including sufficient generation capacity, emergency reserves, expected unit returns to service, and anticipated lower demand over the weekend.

The power utility emphasized its commitment to keeping the public informed about any changes in the load shedding status.

Eskom plans to continue monitoring the power system and will provide a week-ahead outlook on Sunday, assuring that significant changes will be communicated.

In other positive news, Eskom expects Unit 1 at the Koeberg Power Station, which generates 920 MW, to begin supplying electricity to the national grid by the end of October.

This unit had been undergoing maintenance since December last year.

Its return to service is a notable development, with Eskom pointing out that the nearby community would have observed steam rising from the power station, indicating the nearing completion of the outage for Unit 1.

Additionally, Eskom plans to replace the three steam generators on Unit 2 during an upcoming Unit 2 outage, which will commence once the commissioning of Unit 1 is finished.

This proactive maintenance is part of Eskom’s efforts to enhance the efficiency and reliability of its power generation units.

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