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MTN South Africa Installs 20000 Batteries to Overcome Load Shedding Challenges

Oct 4, 2023
MTN South Africa Installs 20000 Batteries to Overcome Load Shedding Challenges

The persistent issue of load shedding in South Africa has prompted mobile operator MTN to take significant measures to keep its base stations operational. Despite facing numerous challenges, including increased vandalism during power outages, MTN has invested in essential infrastructure to maintain network quality and connectivity for its customers.

MTN South Africa Installs 20000 Batteries to Overcome Load Shedding Challenges

MTN’s Response to Load Shedding:

MTN South Africa has proactively addressed the load shedding crisis by committing substantial resources to ensure uninterrupted network services. The company has allocated between R4.5 billion and R5 billion to fortify its network against the challenges posed by load shedding.

Infrastructure Investments:

To safeguard its network, MTN has deployed over 20,000 batteries, 5,000 rectifiers, and 900 generators to various locations across South Africa. These investments are part of MTN’s broader efforts to enhance network resilience during periods of load shedding.

Impact of Load Shedding:

Load shedding has taken a toll on South Africa’s telecommunications infrastructure, affecting network quality and increasing security risks. Criminals have exploited the cover of darkness during power outages to target and vandalize telco base stations.

Statistics on Load Shedding:

MTN reports that load shedding escalated significantly in 2023 compared to the previous year. South Africans experienced 29 days of stage five and six load shedding in May, whereas in 2022, load shedding did not surpass stage three during the same period.

Addressing Network Vulnerability:

CEO Charles Molapisi acknowledges that theft and vandalism remain ongoing concerns, with criminals targeting valuable equipment at cellphone towers. This criminal activity disrupts network infrastructure, resulting in service interruptions.

Ongoing Network Enhancements:

MTN’s network team, in collaboration with network partners, has been working tirelessly to ensure customers remain connected during load shedding. In August alone, the company completed approximately 2,000 site enhancements, surpassing its targets.

Improved Network Availability:

MTN’s continued investment in network enhancements has led to a 15% improvement in network availability. The company’s resilience interventions and comprehensive national resilience program in key regions have contributed to these positive results.

Commitment to Uninterrupted Connectivity:

Despite the challenges posed by load shedding, MTN remains committed to providing reliable and resilient network services. The company’s dedication to ensuring uninterrupted connectivity reflects its commitment to supporting a modern connected life for all its customers.

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