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No Scheduled Load Shedding for the Weekend

Oct 21, 2023
No Scheduled Load Shedding for the Weekend

The provided text is from Mossel Bay News and contains information about load shedding in Mossel Bay, South Africa. Here’s an explanation of the text.

No Scheduled Load Shedding for the Weekend

According to the news report, there will be no load shedding in Mossel Bay over the upcoming weekend. This is good news for residents and businesses in the area, as load shedding can disrupt the supply of electricity, leading to power outages.

Next Load Shedding on Monday

The next scheduled load shedding event for Mossel Bay is set to occur on Monday, October 23rd, from 18:00 to 20:30. This information provides the date and time when residents should expect a temporary interruption in their electricity supply.

Reason for the Suspension

The notice from Eskom, the South African electricity utility company, explains that the suspension of load shedding for more than three days is due to two key factors:

Good Generation Fleet Performance:

This refers to the successful operation and performance of the power generation facilities. When the generation fleet is functioning well, it means there is a sufficient supply of electricity to meet the demand, reducing the need for load shedding.

Expected Lower Weekend Demand:

Weekends typically have lower electricity demand compared to weekdays, as many businesses are closed, and people may not be using as much electricity as during their working hours. The combination of good generation performance and lower weekend demand has led to the decision to suspend load shedding.

Upcoming Update

The notice concludes by stating that an update on the load shedding situation will be published on Sunday afternoon. This means that residents and businesses should check for further information to stay informed about any changes or developments related to load shedding in Mossel Bay.

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