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Permanent Stage 6 Eskom Load-Shedding Until Further Notice

Jul 13, 2023
Permanent Stage 6 Eskom Load-Shedding Until Further Notice

The next weekend will see permanent Stage 6 load-shedding by Eskom as it replenishes its emergency reserves. For next week’s load-shedding to be reduced, the power utility said it needs to continue the Stage 6 power cuts.

It said that Stage 6 load-shedding would continue over the weekend to replenish emergency reserves, and set the stage for the next week’s reduction of stages.

Permanent Stage 6 Eskom Load-Shedding Until Further Notice

It has been confirmed with Eskom that MyBroadband plans to implement continuous stage 6 load-shedding over the weekend despite its unclear statement.

Eskom LoadShedding Today

Due to the cold weather this week, there was a substantial increase in demand for electricity, which prompted the power utility to keep generation reserves in its system.

During the cold weather, especially on Monday and Tuesday, the demand for electricity increased.

The demand, however, exceeded expectations.”

On Monday and Tuesday, the company drew heavily on emergency reserves to mitigate the cold weather’s effects.

Three thousand nine hundred megawatts of generating capacity are currently offline for scheduled maintenance, and seventeen thousand six hundred and seventy-nine megawatts are unavailable as a result of breakdowns.

The reserve capacity has been depleted since Sunday due to the failures of additional generation units, which can no longer be used to offset the lingering effects of the cold weather.

Stage 6 load-shedding will therefore continue over the weekend to replenish depleted emergency reserves so that load-shedding may be reduced next week.

A total of 11 generating units have been taken offline by Eskom since Sunday.

There are now two generating units at Arnot, Matla and three generating units at Kriel power stations out of service since Sunday – one each at Grootvlei, Hendrina, Lethabo, and Tutuka.

In addition, there were delays in the return of two generating units at the Tutuka power plant and one at the Kendal power station.

“Eskom anticipates returning eight generating units to service in the next few days,” it said. Any significant changes will be announced as soon as they are confirmed by the utility.

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