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Ramaphosa repeats promise to end load shedding-Eskom

Oct 9, 2023
Ramaphosa repeats promise to end load shedding-Eskom
Ramaphosa repeats promise: President Cyril Ramaphosa provided an update on the government’s efforts to address various crises affecting South Africa, including power outages, crime, logistics challenges, and corruption.

Ramaphosa repeats promise to end load shedding-Eskom

He emphasized the need for swift action and convened a Cabinet meeting to discuss a report on the collaboration between the government and Business for South Africa (B4SA).

Aim of the Collaboration

The collaboration between the government and B4SA aims to address critical challenges and restore investor and public confidence. These challenges include energy shortages, logistical issues, rising crime rates, and corruption concerns.

Businesses Seconding Technical Experts

As part of the collaboration, businesses have seconded technical experts to assist the government in addressing these crises, particularly in dealing with the ongoing problem of load shedding.

Establishing an Effective Relationship

Vincent Magwenya, the President’s spokesperson, mentioned that the government has successfully established an effective relationship with the business community to tackle immediate economic challenges.

Key Milestones and Results

While identifying key milestones and outlining processes to achieve them, the government aims to focus on delivering tangible results that ordinary citizens can experience. The collaborative effort seeks to bring together significant resources and expertise within the country to ultimately eliminate load shedding, improve logistics, and combat crime and corruption.

Joint Statement Issued

Vincent Magwenya issued a joint statement from the Presidency and B4SA outlining the areas of collaboration and the shared objectives to address the identified challenges.

Meetings and Productivity

Martin Kingston, the chairperson of B4SA’s steering committee, reported that they plan to meet with directors-general and ministers every six weeks. He described their recent meetings as “extremely productive,” particularly in addressing crises related to energy, logistics, crime, and corruption.

Business Contribution and CEO Pledge

Kingston emphasized the significant contribution that businesses can make and highlighted the CEO pledge signed by 130 CEOs from leading companies across various sectors of the economy. This pledge demonstrates the commitment of businesses to collaborate with the government.

Integrity and Expertise

Kingston assured that businesses would not compromise the integrity or authority of the government. Instead, they would contribute skills and expertise to collectively address the challenges at hand.

Regular Progress Reports

Kingston committed to providing regular progress reports to B4SA’s constituency and the country, keeping stakeholders informed about the short-term progress made.

Government’s Authority Preserved

Rudi Dicks, the head of the Presidency project management office, stressed that the collaboration with B4SA would not infringe on the government’s decisions or authority. The focus has been on identifying areas where businesses can support and collaborate, particularly in cases where there is a shortage of skills and expertise.

Addressing Weaknesses in the System

Dicks mentioned that the collaborative effort has also involved identifying weaknesses in the system and finding solutions. Businesses have provided technical expertise to institutions like Eskom and contributed insights to improve operational aspects, such as the diesel burn rate at the Ankerlig power station in Cape Town.

President’s Urgency for Action

President Ramaphosa emphasized the need for swift action to resolve the identified challenges. He wants to see progress made quickly and urged all stakeholders to work with greater speed to address these issues effectively.

Response to DA’s Court Action

President Ramaphosa responded to the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) court action regarding the Lady R report concerning a Russian ship docking in Simon’s Town. The DA took issue with the appointment of retired Gauteng Deputy Judge President Phineas Mojapelo. The President characterized the court action as “politically motivated” and expressed confidence that the appointment would withstand scrutiny.

Upcoming Meeting with Lesotho Prime Minister

President Ramaphosa is scheduled to meet with the Prime Minister of Lesotho, Ntsokoane Matekane, for the inaugural session of the South Africa–Lesotho bi-national commission at the Union Buildings.

Condolences and Sympathies

Lastly, the President extended condolences to the Mandela family following the passing of Zoleka Mandela and expressed sympathies to those affected by the Western Cape floods.

This update reflects President Ramaphosa’s efforts to address critical issues in South Africa through collaboration with the private sector and a commitment to taking swift and effective action. The collaboration with B4SA aims to restore confidence, address crises, and deliver tangible results for ordinary citizens.

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