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Sacrifices Made by Eskom to Limit Load Shedding to Stage 4



Sacrifices Made by Eskom to Limit Load Shedding to Stage 4

The latest data on Eskom’s plant performance reveals a challenging scenario, with a surge in user demand and unplanned outages forcing the utility to curtail planned maintenance efforts to prevent an escalation in load shedding.

Sacrifices Made by Eskom to Limit Load Shedding to Stage 4

Strategic Adjustments in Maintenance Schedules

Independent energy analyst, Pieter Jordaan, highlights a concerning trend over the past three weeks, where Eskom has consistently reduced its planned maintenance schedules to bolster the energy availability factor (EAF).

Deterioration in Performance

System data for week 44 (ending 5 November) indicates a notable deterioration in Eskom’s performance, particularly following a temporary suspension of load shedding.

The utility employed diesel generators extensively during this period to cope with increased demand.

Eskom’s Load Shedding Goals

Acting CEO Calib Cassim outlines Eskom’s objectives to cap load shedding at stage 4 and to suspend outages during the day.

However, recent challenges have made achieving these goals difficult.

Summer Plan Challenges

Eskom’s summer plan envisions a ‘base case’ scenario of maintaining load shedding at stage 4, but breakdowns and outages exceeding 14,000MW pose a significant challenge.

Eskom adjusts its strategies in response to spikes in breakdowns and surges in user demand.

Minister’s Concerns and Unacceptable Breakdowns

Electricity Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa voices dissatisfaction with Eskom’s inconsistent generation performance, citing breakdowns exceeding 17,000MW as unacceptable.

The minister acknowledges the improvements in the energy availability factor (EAF) but emphasizes the need for sustained efforts against load shedding.

Continuing Battle Against Load Shedding

Despite positive narratives, the data underscores the ongoing battle against load shedding.

The EAF, which touched 60%, has now dropped to 54.6%, indicating a long-term downward trend.

Energy experts stress the inherent unpredictability of Eskom’s fleet, with breakdowns remaining a persistent challenge.

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Eskom Enforces Stage 3 Load Shedding Starting at 4 PM



Eskom Enforces Stage 3 Load Shedding Starting at 4 PM

In an eleventh-hour decision, Eskom has declared the implementation of Stage 3 load shedding. This abrupt power reduction measure is set to take effect from 4 pm on Friday and will persist until 5 am on Saturday.

Eskom Enforces Stage 3 Load Shedding Starting at 4 PM

The situation remains critical as, starting at 5 am on Saturday, Eskom will transition between Stage 1 and Stage 2 load shedding, and this pattern is poised to endure until further notice.

Eskom spokesperson Daphne Mokwena has assured that the power utility will maintain close surveillance of the power system and promptly communicate any alterations to the load shedding timetable should they become necessary.

Currently, unplanned outages have reached a worrisome level of 17,507 MW, exacerbated by the deferred return to service of Koeberg Unit 1.

Additionally, 4,783 MW of generating capacity remains out of service due to planned maintenance. The situation remains dynamic and uncertain, calling for vigilant oversight.

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