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South Africa Nears a Turning Point in Load-Shedding: Ramokgopa

Oct 24, 2023
South Africa Nears a Turning Point in Load-Shedding: Ramokgopa

South Africa is showing promising signs of resolving its energy crisis, with the Minister in the Presidency for Electricity, Dr. Kgosientsho Ramokgopa, providing an update on the Energy Action Plan.

South Africa Nears a Turning Point in Load-Shedding: Ramokgopa

Improved Eskom Performance

Improved performance within Eskom’s generating fleet has resulted in the suspension of load shedding over the past weekend and lower stages of planned power outages during the week.

Turning the Corner

Minister Ramokgopa mentioned that although challenges persist, South Africa has turned the corner, showing sustained improved performance over an extended period. This is seen as a validation of Eskom’s efforts.

Impact of Maintenance Plans

The intensification of maintenance plans at Eskom has started to yield positive results, despite challenges experienced during September due to maintenance outages. These maintenance efforts aim to reduce the number of generating units tripping and enhance overall performance.

Deliberate Actions

Minister Ramokgopa emphasized that the actions taken are deliberate and part of a strategy to secure the country’s energy future. Investment efforts are focused on ensuring that the generating units remain operational for extended periods.

Avoiding Complacency

Ramokgopa stressed the importance of remaining vigilant and not becoming complacent despite signs of improvement. This commitment is essential to achieving even greater results and safeguarding South Africa’s economy.

Commendation for Engineering Efforts

The minister commended the engineering team for their deliberate efforts in improving unit efficiency and reducing failure rates. This improvement is not accidental but the result of sound engineering practices.

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