• November 20, 2023 8:22 am

Stage 3 Load Shedding Implementation by Eskom: Latest Updates

Nov 20, 2023
Stage 3 Load Shedding Implementation by Eskom: Latest Updates

Eskom has declared the implementation of Stage 3 load shedding starting from 9 am on Sunday. Originally, Stage 1 load shedding commenced at 5 am, scheduled to last until 4 pm. However, Eskom revised this plan and confirmed that Stage 3 load shedding will persist until Monday morning.

Stage 3 Load Shedding Implementation by Eskom: Latest Updates

Statement from Eskom

Eskom released a concise statement, indicating the shift to Stage 3 load shedding to replenish emergency reserves for the upcoming week.

They announced the duration of Stage 3 load shedding from Sunday morning until 5 am on Monday.

Additionally, Eskom mentioned that they would communicate the outlook for the following week later in the afternoon.

Koeberg Nuclear Power Station

Amidst the announcement of load shedding, one unit at the Koeberg nuclear power station, situated near Cape Town, returned online.

Unit 1, generating 920 megawatts (MW), was successfully synchronized to the electricity grid on Saturday. The unit was offline for almost a year, although the initial work duration was supposed to be six months.

Following the stabilization of Unit 1, Unit 2 is scheduled to be taken offline for a similar mechanical process involving the replacement of its steam generators.

Koeberg contributes around 5% of Eskom’s total electricity generated and has a capacity of 1860 MW.

Incoming Eskom CEO

The Eskom board chairperson, Mteto Nyati, recently replaced Mpho Makwana, who resigned.

Nyati informed Parliament that three candidates were being considered for the position of CEO, with the appointment expected to be finalized by the end of the year.

Calib Cassim currently holds the role of acting CEO following AndrĂ© de Ruyter’s departure in February.

De Ruyter cited apparent micromanagement by Minister Pravin Gordhan and challenges with the board as reasons for his resignation.

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