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Teen Innovator Automated Pool Chlorinator at Eskom Expo

Oct 18, 2023
Teen Innovator Automated Pool Chlorinator at Eskom Expo

Jessica Visser, a budding young scientist from Brackenfell, has made a significant mark in the science and engineering community with her creation of an automated pool chlorinator featuring a feedback control loop. This innovative device, showcased at the Eskom Expo International Science Fair, provides an efficient solution for pool owners, ensuring precise regulation of chlorine levels in pools.

Teen Innovator Automated Pool Chlorinator at Eskom Expo

Cutting-Edge Chlorinator

Jessica, a 15-year-old learner at Protea Heights Academy in Cape Town, has developed a state-of-the-art system that simplifies pool maintenance for owners.

The automated chlorinator employs a calibrated probe to monitor the pool’s chlorine content. When chlorine levels drop below the ideal range, the system automatically dispenses the required amount of chlorine.

With minimal human intervention, pool owners need only install the system and ensure the chlorine container is replenished as needed.

Recognition at ISF

At the Eskom Expo International Science Fair, Jessica received accolades for her groundbreaking work. RS South Africa awarded her with a RS voucher worth R10,000. She represented the Eskom Expo Stellenbosch region and earned a well-deserved Silver medal.

Passion for Science and Engineering

Jessica’s dedication to her project and her passion for science and engineering have not gone unnoticed. She thrives in her school’s environment, which encourages innovation and creative thinking.

Being a member of the school’s robotics team has equipped her with the skills needed to design and build her project.

Future Endeavors

Jessica, who enjoys playing hockey, engaging in arts and crafts, reading, and coding, has plans to pursue further studies after completing school.

She aspires to gain admission to a university for engineering studies, with an interest in fields such as mechanical, electronic, or mechatronic engineering.

Commendation and Encouragement

Eskom Development Foundation Acting CEO, Mologadi Motshele, extended warm congratulations to all the young scientists who participated in this year’s Eskom Expo International Science Fair.

The projects displayed at the fair underscored the exceptional talent and innovation of the youth, contributing to a brighter future through their dedication to scientific knowledge and progress.

Eskom Expo Executive Director, Parthy Chetty, emphasized the role of schools, like Protea Heights Academy, in nurturing and supporting learners to innovate.

Such support not only benefits the learners but also serves as an inspiration to their peers, ultimately making valuable contributions to their communities.

Jessica’s innovative creation stands as a source of pride for both Protea Heights Academy and the Brackenfell community.

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