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The big load-shedding promise from Eskom

Oct 7, 2023
The big load-shedding promise from Eskom

The big load-shedding promise from Eskom: Electricity minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa expresses confidence in reducing and ending load-shedding.

The big load-shedding promise from Eskom

Adding Capacity to the Grid

Ramokgopa cites additional capacity additions to the grid as a key factor in load-shedding reduction.

Kusile Power Station’s Contribution

One 800 MW unit from Kusile Power Station is already connected, with two more to follow, improving supply.

The Desire for Swift Resolution

Ramokgopa hopes that load-shedding will become history sooner than later, emphasizing the need for a quicker resolution.

Presidential and Government Commitments

President Cyril Ramaphosa and Deputy President Paul Mashatile have previously promised an end to load-shedding by 2024.

Energy Expert Warnings

Energy experts like Hilton Trollip and Chris Yelland caution against unrealistic optimism in ending load-shedding by next year.

Historical Performance Concerns

Historical performance data and constraints on power station units raise doubts about rapid load-shedding resolution.

Conservative Expectations

Yelland advises being conservative in expectations to avoid raising false hopes and losing credibility.

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