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Vhembe Teen Scientist Wins Mentorship Prize at Eskom Expo With Ai-Powered App

Oct 12, 2023
Vhembe Teen Scientist Wins Mentorship Prize at Eskom Expo With Ai-Powered App

Thendo Mpho Lukhwareni, a 16-year-old learner from Mbilwi Secondary School in the Vhembe Region, is making a significant impact in the world of science and technology through her accomplishments at the Eskom Expo International Science Fair (ISF). Her artificial intelligence (AI)-powered mobile application called “Student Tech Universal Developed Assistant (STUDA)” has garnered recognition and support.

Vhembe Teen Scientist Wins Mentorship Prize at Eskom Expo With Ai-Powered App

A Visionary Project

Lukhwareni’s project, STUDA, is designed to assist students in overcoming procrastination and health-related challenges to complete their schoolwork promptly.

It also offers features for creative writing and language exploration, aiming to combat rising illiteracy rates among South African youth. Her inspiration for this project stemmed from personal experiences and observations. Lukhwareni received a silver medal at the ISF for her innovative work.

Path to Impact

The young scientist plans to delve deeper into research involving psychology and neurology related to learning and how AI can simplify the educational process. Her ultimate goal is to revolutionize learning and the educational system.

Eskom’s Support

Eskom Development Foundation Acting CEO, Mologadi Motshele, emphasized the importance of providing support to young learners in their journey to find innovative solutions to community challenges.

The Eskom Expo nurtures young talents in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and innovation (STEMI) fields, inspiring them to pursue promising careers.

Eskom Expo Executive Director, Parthy Chetty, highlighted the role of the Expo in fostering young scientists and engineers for South Africa, even in regions with limited amenities and educational resources. Lukhwareni’s success underscores the importance of platforms like the Eskom Expo in recognizing and supporting young innovators.

Shaping the Future

Thendo Mpho Lukhwareni’s journey in science and AI offers a glimpse into the potential for South African youth to make a meaningful impact on education and technology, demonstrating the power of innovation in the country’s communities.

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